Women in Turning (WIT) is the newest committee of the AAW, bringing together women worldwide who share a passion for woodturning. WIT is dedicated to encouraging and assisting women in their pursuit of turning, to sharing ideas and processes to further members’ skills and creativity, and to increasing participation of women in the field of woodturning.
WIT itself is a committee of the American Association of Woodturners. The AAW WIT committee consists of a chairwoman appointed by the AAW President and the committee which she selects.


The Club’s WIT Liaison Officer works with the president and the executive board of the Chapter.
His/her duties include:
(1) Work with chapter executive board to increase the number of women in the chapter and AAW,
(2) Expand outreach and mentor women,
(3) Direct women chapter members to WIT resources and opportunities.
(4) Serve as a point of contact for process on AAW WIT grants for new AAW membership for women.

2022 WIT Virtual Exchange

The WIT EXCHANGE connects our community of woodturning women through the challenging process of collaborative artistic expression. It stimulates creativity, facilitates self-confidence and fosters relationship building while sharing and learning from other participants.
The WIT Committee, building on the success of the past two years, will once again host a Virtual WIT EXCHANGE. You can help make this the best event yet!
Introducing women from other media into this EXCHANGE will open new avenues for creativity. At the same time, the art of woodturning will be introduced to an entirely different group of women. The Virtual EXCHANGE creates an environment which will expand awareness of woodturning beyond our current community. This exposure to different media will also foster infinite creative opportunities.
The WIT EXCHANGE welcomes women of all skill levels. It is a collaborative project that will enhance skills, friendships, and self-confidence. It’s designed to be hard work, but lots of FUN!

Here is how it works:

  • The goal of this EXCHANGE is to push you to the next level in your creative process. Learn or share new techniques. Network with an expanded community of women artists.
  • There will be a nominal fee for participation
  • The first meeting is a mandatory orientation – You will meet all the participants, find out who your teammates will be and participate in drawing the inspiration words for your teams’ project during this EXCHANGE. You will also receive the schedule of weekly meeting topics and the project’s timeline for completion.
  • All projects officially start after the orientation meetings.
  • Teams meet for creative brainstorming, agree on concept, then each team creates a project (focusing on the process and documenting along the way.)

Registration is closed.