The Central Florida Woodturners Club has decided to do a Club Challenge to turn WIG STANDS for patients who have lost their hair while undergoing chemotherapy.

People who have lost their hair from cancer, chemotherapy, or other conditions and who wear wigs… need to care for their wigs in a special way.  The wigs themselves are very expensive (one can be as much as $600 for a basic model made of artificial fiber and many thousands for one made of human hair).

These wigs need proper storage when not being used and one of the simple ways to do so is by having a special stand on which to hang the wig.
The usual wig stand patients are given is made of light Styrofoam and falls over easily. And they are generally very unattractive. A turned wooden WIG STAND is an attractive replacement for the Styrofoam ones.

WIG STANDS are also great for practicing basic turning techniques.  It gives the newer turners a sense of accomplishment to make something “worthy” of the cause and keeps the effort going. 

The club will be donating the WIG STANDS to local cancer treatment centers in Central Florida.

For measurements and step by step instruction on HOW TO TURN A WIG STAND CLICK HERE.

Photos of WIG STANDS to give you some inspiration. To see the PHOTOS click here.

How to TURN A WIG STAND Club Demo
You can watch the club demo on HOW TO TURN A WIGTSTAND by clicking: